How to Get Rid of Viruses From Your Computer

Nowadays everyone downloads something or the other from the internet, so there is a very high chance of deadly trojans and other viruses entering your system through the downloaded files. More often than not, you wont even be aware of the vast amount of dangerous viruses, spyware, malware and adware spread throughout your PC.

Whenever you click on a virus ridden file, the script in the virus gets activated and causes great risk to the data on your computer. However if you follow the below mentioned tips, you will be able to maintain a virus free computer.

1. Since Prevention is better than cure, it is always advisable to install a good anti-virus software such as Kaspersky, Avira, Quick Heal or Norton. Keep the virus protection enabled at all times and perform a full system scan periodically.

2. Update your anti-virus, whenever there is an update available. Even the best anti-virus would be of no use if it’s not updated regularly since new viruses are being developed everyday and to counter them, these updates are necessary.

3. Install a good Antispyware program that keeps the spywares and adwares away from your system.

4. Keep the Windows firewall and pop-up blocker ON at all times.

5. Do not click on suspicious links, especially in your email since they may extract your confidential information such as bank account passwords etc. by phishing.

5. Whenever you insert a pen drive (USB) in your PC, be sure to scan it before opening any file from it. USB’s are primary sources of most viruses since they can easily be transferred from one pc to the other. Also, always Right-click on the USB drive and click ‘Open’ , instead of double clicking on it.

7. Do not download files from untrusted sources such as cracks, serials, keygens etc. since most of them contain trojan files which may lead to loss/theft of important data.

8. If you get any file via email attachment which has .exe extension, it is pretty clear that it’s be a virus. So, never, ever download any exe file from your email attachments.


  1. awesome post dude!
    and really its rightly said prevention is better than cure buddy!!!
    SOmetimes viruses and trojans create nightmare for us.Better is to keep them at bay!!

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