How to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Blog from LinkedIn

LinkedIn_logo_1.jpgEvery blogger who has spent a relatively good amount of time blogging would agree to the fact that traffic is the root to the success of every blog on the internet. Without traffic, there is not much you could achieve with your blog, no matter how good the content you’ve created is.

This reinstates the importance of traffic and hence the importance of the mechanisms (website in this case) through which you could drive targeted traffic to your blog. Social networking sites for example drive traffic that is completely futile in terms of leads, conversions and sales or even PPC for that matter. However LinkedIn is one particular site which instead of sending useless and non-converting traffic, can drive targeted traffic to your blog if you know the inside working of it.

Although generally considered as a website for job-seekers and qualified professionals, it is much more than just that. It can be used for finding new clients, generating leads, selling products, selling tickets or getting sponsors for your event and last but not the least, driving massive traffic to your blog. A few minutes of your everyday on LinkedIn can product immediate and long lasting positive effects on your blogging campaign.

The first step from your side would be to the complete your profile on LinkedIn. Not just completing some percent of it but ensuring that it is 100% complete and up to date. People like seeing complete profiles and would be willing to follow your links. The second step is to find new people related to your niche and connect with them, make friends with them and share your knowledge with them.

After completing these basic yet mandatory steps, you gotta set up a daily LinkedIn schedule. Before we move on to setting up the schedule, the third step would be to create a group on LinkedIn with the logo of your company or blog.

Here goes the daily schedule you gotta follow :-

1. Promoting your group.
2. Increasing connections.
3. Joining and participating in related groups.
4. Commenting in those related groups.
5. Starting discussions in your group.
6. Answering questions and leaving your trail (blog link) at the end of every answer.

Doing this would ensure you get a constant flow of traffic to your blog from LinkedIn. Ofcourse dont expect it to happen overnight. Trust me, if you follow the above mentioned steps religiously everyday, you are bound to get targeted traffic to your blog.


  1. Hello harshit :-) i m a new blogger……i just signed up for linkedin after reading this post…i hope i can drive traffic to my blog thru linkedin…. :-)

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