How to learn any language – 10 great tips

Learning a language is a never ending process which requires patience,dedication,hard work and perseverance.Nobody can claim to be perfect in any particular language.There is always a lot of scope for improvement in any field,let alone learning a language.There are plenty of ways to improve one’s knowledge of a language and even if you are just starting off on your journey,here’s a list of 16 hand picked methods that are always going to be helpful :-

1. Grammar Book – The first and the foremost part of learning any language is understanding the grammar.Once you are well versed with the grammar section,you can form basic sentences and later on build on the knowledge you have acquired.Get hold of a good grammar book and learn the grammatical structures and verb conjugations as soon as possible.

2. Dictionary – Purchase a quality dictionary which provides translation from your native language to the language you wish to learn and vice versa.It will serve you in good stead incase you come across a word and want to find out its meaning.Freelang is a free downloadable dictionary which you can install on your computer and look up the meaning of any word.

3. Audio Books – In case you are more of a listener,you can get hold of an audio book and start off learning the language subconciously.It is particularly useful if you are generally short of time or remain busy mostly.You can add the add the audio mp3’s to your ipod ,just plug in the earphones and start learning the language.

4. Language tutor – If you have problems learning a language on your own or are just too afraid of starting off on your own and are willing to shell out a few bucks,you can always take the help of a professional language tutor which can make the tiresome process easy for you.

5. Travel – There is hardly a better method of learning a language than going to the country where the language you want to learn is spoken by the native people.You would probably want to stay there for a few months and make full use of the opportunity by interacting with them.You will come across a lot of new words and peculiar expressions and your pronunciation is going to improve as well.

6. Vocabulary – Learning vocabulary lists by rote proves to be useful since it helps you frame better sentences.”Practice makes perfect” series is be a great addition to any language learners armory as it provides indepth vocabulary on multitudes of topics.

7. Language exchange websites – There are a lot of websites which allow you to interact with language learners from all around the world online for free.You can find language partners to exchange languages or a tutor who is willing to help you in your endeavour.

8. Livemocha – Livemocha is a great website which provides free grammar,vocabulary and pronunciation lessons and allows you to find people from various parts of the world to interact with at the same time.Lessons are provided in twenty seven different languages.Probably the best website if you are serious about learning a language.

9. Colloquial expressions – There are a lot of expressions,proverbs and idioms in every language which are not taught by books but are heavily used in the concerned countries.You can find quite a few websites which have lists of such expressions.Learning them would be a great addition to your language skills.

10. Flashcards – Flashcards are particulary useful while you travelling in a metro,waiting on a platform or are at office where you manage to find some time to relax.Cut out square pieces of paper,write down a word and its meaning on it in the language you want to learn and remembering it would be a much easier task.

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