How to Make a Blog

Congrats on the decision to make your own blog.Who knows you could be a “Steve Pavlina” or an “Amit Bhawani” some day just by blogging and be a renowed six figure blogger.While making a blog and promoting it could be an uphill task for some,it is rather better to concentrate on the start first and focussing on the finer details later.

Making a blog is an easy task,but you need to decide whether it’ll be a website based blog or a blog hosted on a free platform such as . While a website based blog will generate a much higher traffic than that based on a free platform,i suggest you begin by making a simple blog on the topic of your interest,just to get the feel of things and as you gain some expertise,may be after a year or two,you can try your hands on making a website and generating revenue from it.

To start things off,let’s assume you take my advice and want to make a free blog on .Although it is mostly trivial information,it’ll help you in getting started on your journey.Here are the basic steps involved in making a blog :-

1. Registering on a free platform – This is the first step as without registering,you obviously can’t make a blog.So register on a free blogging platform such as by simply filling in the details in their registration form.

2. Choosing the address – The address should be such that it has the main keyword of your site contained in it.let’s say you want to create a technology blog on .So how about the following addresses “” or “” or “” .If you choose any of these addresses,the chances are that your blog will be featured in the search results on any search engine when your person searches for tecnology related blogs.On the other hand,if you chose the address “” ,it is more than likely that your blog wont be featured in the search results related to technology blogs.

3. Choosing a title for your blog – Again,this is an area where most people falter.The title of your blog should contain the most relevant keyword.The title,address and content of the blog should be closely related to each other in such a way that they trap the main essence of your blog.A reader is likely to be put off if your blog lacks in any of these areas.

4. Writing the description– A blog with a well written description is likely to fetch more visitors than you can imagine.A blog featured in search engine results will catch the attention of the readers only if the description appeals to the reader.So take some time in putting forth the best information of your blog and summarizing it with attractive words.

5. Writing quality posts every week – For a beginning,a quality post every weekend or so will ensure that you have steady traffic and visitors will be more than happy to come back and check out the posts if they are convinced that your posts are well written and regularly updated.


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