How to Make More Money with Google Adsense

There is a lot of hype on the internet about people making fortunes from google adsense which might be difficult to believe especially if you are earning only a few cents from it. The success stories are in fact true and not merely fake ones made up by webmasters. The key to their success is proper adsense optimization techniques which have to be applied to improve the revenues or the money generated from the clicks. Those bloggers who earn a high amount of money from adsense have been able to do so by hard work that includes immense research.

The good thing is that now its possible to make more money than before with google adsense due to various tips which have been given by the top bloggers who have managed to earn a high income consistently from their blogs using adsense. The earnings mainly depend on the ecpm (earnings per 1000 impressions) which in turn depends on the amount of money generated per click(CPC). Thus it is important to choose high paying keywords such as finance, legal, webhosting, health, paralegal, investing, technology, mortgage,stocks etc. If you write articles on any of these topics and incorporate them into your blog, the cost per click can be greatly increased.

Also, if you manage to consistently publish a few posts based on high paying keywords, you can increase your blog’s revenue by 5 times or more. Some of these keywords have even been reported to have paid $10 or more per click. This is because the advertisers in these niches are generally few & therefore the bids go high. There is no point of publishing articles about entertainment since you would only make a few cents ( or even 1 cent) per click, which is merely a waste of time. Instead go for targeted niches that are high paying & also highly searched.

If you want to make extra bucks with adsense, it is important to focus on natural organic traffic which is also known as search engine traffic. Since people coming from search engines onto your site are more likely to click on ads, it would lead to a better CTR and thus more revenues. On the other hand, if you write mainly about the latest buzz in your niche and try to attract traffic from digg or stumbleupon, better think twice since doing so is only going to get you more visitors, not more money.

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