How to Open Facebook at School, College and Office

Although all of us like to log on to Facebook and check the latest updates from our friends, family and relatives, accessing Facebook is generally banned in most schools, colleges and offices since it is viewed as an addictive distraction more than anything else. But there must be a way to overcome this somehow and access Facebook freely, right? Well, yes there are. Not one way, but rather lots of them. Although all of the methods I’m going to discuss in this article work, sometimes you may have to try them one by one to find out whether they work on the PC you want to access Facebook on.

Here are some of them:

1. Using Gmail

However high the security features in the PC, Gmail will never be blocked. So let’s see how we can use Gmail to get an access to Facebook. You just need to log on to Gmail and add a gadget by opening Gmail Settings > Labs. Now look up the Add any gadget by URL option. Click on save and return to the settings page. Now click on the Gadgets tab that was added and entering this URL in the ‘Add a gadget by URL’ option.

When you’ve added this gadget, a Facebook gadget will show up near the bottom-left part of the screen. Now you can easily login to Facebook and access it without any hassles.

2. Opera Mini

Another very simple method to access Facebook. Simply download Opera Mini Simulator which is basically the web version of Opera Mini browser. Once you’ve downloaded and installed it, just visit using the browser and you’ll be able to access Facebook, just like you do on your mobile phone.

3. ScrapBoy

A simple desktop application that once installed allows you to access Facebook, Orkut and Myspace right from your desktop. Simply enter your Fb login details and start accessing your Fb account. For more customization, you can change the Notification settings according to your preference.

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