How to Remove Category Slug from WordPress Blog URL

wordpress symbolBy Default WordPress shows the category slug in the blog’s category url. If you want to change this & remove the category altogether from the permalink, this tutorial will help you do it easily. Removing the category slug from your wordpress blog’s url can “supposedly” help you with serp rankings (SEO). Although whether or not doing so can boost SEO rankings can only be determined by actually trying it on your blog, a clean permalink for sure looks good & might help search bots in crawling the site.

The first step is to install the WordPress No Categories Plugin, which makes the task all the more simpler & more importantly automated, which means you won’t have to change or alter any coding. Once you activate this plugin, it will automatically remove the Category slug, thereby saving the time you would have spent in manually doing so. Imagine all the effort you would have to put in to do this by youself as it requires a deep knowledge of CSS coding, which in itself is a difficult thing to master. Plugins are great, aren’t they !

Although you would be grinning by now, thinking that the tutorial is over, the work has been done & everything is in place, but infact, you are wrong. The reason is here. If you have removed the category slug from your blog’s url & your blog is relatively old & has an archive of many articles, this in itself would create one more problem. The posts that have been crawled & indexed by Search engines would now contribute no traffic to the blog. This is because since the url has been changed, whenever a visitor will click on any of those indexed pages in the search results, they would land on a 404 error page.

In order to solve this problem & regain traffic from Search Engines, you would have to use a redirection plugin which would redirect visitors to your new post url. WordPress Redirection Plugin is an awesome redirection plugin which is required in this case. Install the plugin, click on Tools –> Add new redirection. Now type “category” in the source url and hit the “Add Redirection” button. Now the tutorial is indeed over.


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