How to Stay Focussed and Motivated while Working from Home

Many people dream of letting go of their jobs and simply starting their own business or even simpler, create a website and simply write on a topic they are passionate about, thereby creating a souce of passive income for the future. Things might look rosy and ridiculously easy, with all the income reports pulished by webmasters on the internet. On the contrary, working from home can be quite difficult, given the relaxed atmosphere one is used to getting at home. To overcome this, here are some suggestions to help you stay motivated and focussed while living your dream of being self-employed.

1. Create a separate office : If you are serious about creating a living for yourself by working from home, keep aside a separate space in your house that will serve as your office. Doing so stops you from procrastinating and breeds professionalism.

2. Make a to-do list : No matter how focussed you may be, creating a to-do list always works. List the tasks ahead of you in decreasing order of priority and assign yourself a proper time to do them. Do not over clutter your to-do list or it might detract you from completing any task listed on it.

3. Take breaks : After working continously for close to one hour, take a small break of 5-10 minutes just to rejuvenate yourself, so that your productivity levels do not decrease. Try exercising or going outside in fresh air for a few minutes and get back to work again.

4. De-clutter your workplace : Mobiles, Pagers, iPods etc distract you big time and do not let you concentrate fully on the tasks you’ve assigned for yourself. Keep your workplace free from all these distractions to avoid procrastination.

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