In Search of the Incredible Superpower

Over the last few years, we have witnessed a barrage of technologically advanced gadgets making their way into our daily lives. While all this has been possible due to the unquenched desire of mankind for pushing their limits and making breakthrough innovations that transcend the ordinary, it has impacted the lives of humans in a massive way, helping us enhance our lifestyles by making use of devices that were unfathomable only a few decades ago. Most notably, with the entry of smartphones, it has become all too easy for the common man to get a grip on his life as well as access a plethora of entertainment options enough to keep him engaged for hours on end.

As smartphones have been getting better and more affordable ever since they made their way into the markets thanks to intra as well as inter country competition among competing brands, they are no longer seen as luxury devices but rather as things of need, without which life would come to a screeching halt. Such has been the impact of smartphones over the last few years that they have not only helped make lives easier but have also taken our efficiency and productivity to all new levels. With much superior devices now being launched, such as the Zenfone series, it only makes me wonder how things would have been different for me if I had a phone with a superpower in my hands.

To being with, it would have been absolutely fantastic if the phone had the ability to read my mind and do exactly what I’m thinking at that very moment. While this thought may not seem too intriguing at first glance, with so much going on in our lives, it would be much easier if the phone could itself fathom what I’m up to and execute that task without me having to manually command it to do so. This would not only let me concentrate on important tasks and help me maintain undivided attention on the task at hand but also save me in precarious situations.

To give you an example, imagine if I was sitting in a meeting with corporate clients belonging to large MNCs and suddenly my phone rings as my girfriend calls up, it would look extremely unprofessional to take the call or even send an SMS apprising her of the current situation. From the point of view of my girlfriend, given how girls are, if I didn’t pick up the phone, the first thought coming to her mind would be that I’m purposely not picking up the call as I might be dating another girl! This is where the superpower of my phone comes to my rescue! As soon as the call is received, my phone would instantly cut the ring and type the message that I want to communicate to my girlfriend, which would not only prevent any insecure thoughts cropping up in her mind but also let me focus on handling the meeting with all my concentration!

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