Increase Your Adsense Revenue by Using Adsense Section Targeting

Although Google Adsense is by far the most successful and the most profitable mode of earning money online via your blog, the revenues that it generates depends on a lot of factors. Amongst the many others that contribute to a higher adsense revenue is Adsense Section Targeting. It is a perfectly legal way of increasing the relevancy of ads being displayed on your website or blog.

If you are not generating enough money from your site even after displaying the highly acclaimed adsense ads, you probably need to implement section targeting. Although google does its best to display the best possible ads related to your content, at times there are irrelevant ads displayed based on random words and phrases the crawler finds in your blog’s sidebar section, footer and so on. Your click through ratio (CTR) and CPC (Cost per click) will get seriously affected since not enough clicks will be generated and you will eventually make lesser amount of money.

Google Adsense Section targeting is a way to provide a route to adsense crawler by emphasizing particular sections of your website. By using this technique, you pick certain sections of your website and direct the adsense crawler to only display advertisements based on the content found in those sections. This ensures highly targeted advertisements are displayed and automatically leads to more clicks, hence a better CTR since the ads will be related to the interests of the visitors and would appeal to them more. Also highly targeted ads means the ads would provide more money or a higher cost per click (CPC). Both these factors would contribute towards your overall revenue and you will be able to achieve a much higher eCPM.

To implement section targeting, the following tags should be placed above and below the sections you want to target respectively. The section start tag has to be placed just at the starting of the section you want to target and the section end tag at the ending of that section.

<!- google_ad_section_start ->

<!- google_ad_section_end ->

If you want to leave out certain sections of your website such as the sidebar, header or footer, you can make use of the following tags in the same way i.e. by enclosing that particular area by the below mentioned tags respectively.

<!- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) ->

<!- google_ad_section_end ->

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