Increase Your Blog's Revenue by Redirecting Google Images Traffic

Whether or not you are aware of it, about 50%-60% of the total traffic on your blog is mostly comprised of the useless google images traffic, which means people just search about a thing on google image to steal your images and use them on their blog. This type of traffic is usually the least effective and only has a negative effect on the blog since it contributes to high server load and excess bandwidth usage, both of which are harmful to webmasters.

People who come to your website through google image search are not likely to read any of the posts on your blog and just tend to go away after copying the image. Also, they do not contribute to your blog’s income as they are useless for adsense ads as well. Since there is no way to get rid of this type of traffic, the best way would be to forcibly make them read your articles, that is, by redirecting them from the image directly to the main article which contains that particular image.

For that, there are multiple plugins available in the wordpress directory which allow you to make the user break out of frames. You can use a particular plugin called Break Out of Frames which can be downloaded from the developers webpage or directly from your wordpress dashboard by searching for it in the add plugins tab on the left. Although this is non ethical, it will drastically increase the time spent by the visitor on your blog.

By doing so, not only would the person have to skim through your whole article to look for the image, he/she is more likely to increase your blog’s overall traffic and revenue. Also, there is a high chance that they might like your article and subscribe to your RSS feeds for receiving updates to new posts published by you in the future, which further adds to the revenue scope as there are now adsense ads for feeds as well !


  1. I receive 90% of my traffic from image search, esp. because mine is an art related blog… breaking th frames will definitely be useful…but I’ve read that these plugins will cause problems in listing the site in google..isn’t that so?

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