Increase Your Productivity With Comindware Tracker

These days many apps can be found that highlight collaboration as one of their key features and that’s no surprise as well, since all of us need to manage ourselves better and improve our productivity which can only be achieved by a synchronization of ideas and better work in the process. That’s where a tool known as Comindware Tracker comes into the picture.


Comindware Tracker is a web-based workflow management automation system that incorporates into its working a complete task management solution that not only helps you finish off your to-do list much sooner but also keeps you rolling, by improving your working process and boosting your efficiency by helping you focus on the important tasks at hand. The tool helps you stay aware of your pending workload and allows you to keep all your data related to a specific item in one place. It also lets you discuss those work items and compile them in one place so you don’t have to spend time looking for them, allowing you to access them online from any place you want irrespective of your location and thereby complete your work faster.

In the software, most everyday activities are categorized into Tasks and similar tasks when combined together make up Task groups. There’s a favorites column on the left side, to which you can add your tasks by simple drag operation and then organizing your tasks into lists. You can also add documents to the task and there are options for recording the time spent on a task, viewing its history, creating subtasks, starting discussions and much more.

So all in all, Comindware Tracker is a workflow management, issue tracking and task management solution all clubbed into one, letting you enjoy the benefits of each of these aspects without having to use different tools for the same.

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