Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working Error – Fixed

Have you ever been annoyed by the message “Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working”? Well, I’m sure you must have encountered it countless number of times in your computing career. Not only does it cause a lot of frustration while doing something important, it eats up the system resources as well, which could cause your computer to hang right away.

This is specially the case with the Internet Explorer 9 beta version. A lot of people have complained about these types of errors while using this particular version. Ffcourse previous versions too have had this problem traditionally, so lets discuss a few possiblities why this error arises and how to fix it:

1. Using An Older Version:

The number one reason why this error arises is because you are using an older version of Internet Explorer. Since newer softwares are being released very often, and updates to major softwares like Java, Flash & Shockwave taking place every few months, they are not compatible with older versions of Explorer. To ensure your web browsing experience is a smooth one, you need to download the latest version of Internet Explorer. Hopefully the error should not arise any more, but if it does, then its time to move on to the next step.

2. A particular Add-on Crashing:

Though you might not be aware of it, another popular reason why this error gets displayed is because of incompatible apps or add-ons, which crash and cause Explorer to stop running as well. In order to fix this, you need to open the System Tools from Start –> Accessories and then click on Internet Explorer (No add-ons). Usually after doing this, an error pops up which means there is some incompatible add-on which is causing it.

To identify the add-on which is causing the problem, you have to click on “Tools”, then “Manage Add-ons”, followed by “Toolbars and Extensions” and then select “All Add-ons”. Now simply disable all of them using Select All (Ctrl + A). Apply the settings and now open your browser. Now Internet Explorer will run fine, since there aren’t any add-ons being used.

While the above steps should be sufficient, if you want to identify the exact add-on that is causing Explorer to crash, you need to repeat the above procedure for each add-on (disabling them one by one and then running Internet Explorer).

If still your problem doesn’t get solved, you should uninstall and then reinstall Internet Explorer.

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