iPhone 5 Expected Specs & Features [Rumoured]

People are desperately waiting for the iPhone 5 to launch and the web is filled with rumours of the expected specs. Although the release date of iPhone 5 is now official (September 24 in case you didn’t know), the specs are still to be confirmed by Apple.


According to rumours, iPhone 5 will probably be lighter and slimmer in comparison to iPhone 4. It will also feature a better & more powerful 8 megapixel camera, offer 4G connectivity and will be powered by Apple A5 processor, with a Qualcomm chipset. It is also expected that it will have a 4 inch display and will feature a 1GB RAM as well.


It is also believed that iPhone 5 will witness the unveiling of Apple’s latest OS – the iOS 5 when it is released on September 24. It could also feature iTunes Cloud, enhanced voice controls, HDMI output and support NFC technology.


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