New on SourceForge for Hosting Open Source Applications

The platform for open-source projects, SourceForge has quietly expanded its range: In addition to the well-tried Project Hosting users can now install applications directly on the servers of Sourceforge and run.

Slogans such as “virtualization” and “cloud computing” are high in fashion and denote the trend, more and more applications and data stored on external Rechern and servers outsource. SourceForge serves the open source community since the beginning of 2000 as a repository for project data, that every developer has access to all of the source code. This service is now being expanded significantly in that it is also now possible to install open source applications on the servers from sourceforge and run from there.

The “Hosted Apps” service starts by default with a choice of three different programs:

  • LimeSurvey – Survey Tool
  • MediaWiki – wiki software
  • phpBB – Forum Software

However, should all other open source applications installed on the admin side of the new offer and let run.

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In a post on the forum at Sourceforge the benefits of Hosted Apps by Jacob Moorman, the Director of Operations explains:

  • Avoiding duplication of effort to install
  • safe use by appropriate and separate from the project site server
  • be played automatically updates
  • automatic and custom backup feature
  • Programs are tested, monitored and corrected any errors
  • Users log in to the centrally at SourceForge, but retain their original rights in the individual applications
  • centralized management of the Hosted Apps ensure immediate availability of changes in all projects
  • the central availability of open-source programs could increase the number of users quickly and provide developers with valuable feedback for further development.

The range extension “Hosted Apps” was announced a few weeks ago in the inner circle of the SourceForge Community by posting forums. But until now the news has been made available to the general public. Presumably they wanted to await the live test of the first few weeks in order to eliminate potential problems still can. More information on hosted apps can be found in SourceForge Wiki .


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