No Ubuntu Netbook Edition from Ubuntu 11.04 Onwards

Ubuntu used to be available in all three versions – Desktop edition, Server edition and a Netbook edition as well. As you know the netbook edition was the one which was especially optimized for smaller screen and brought all the advantages of Ubunty to a netbook.


However from Ubuntu 11.04 onwards, which is the latest version of Ubuntu, there will be no netbook edition at all. The company has decided to do away with it since Ubuntu 11.04 can be used on all types of PCs, be it a notebook, desktop or netbook.


According to Canonical “The introduction of the new shell for Ubuntu means that we have a user interface that works equally well whatever the form factor of the PC. And the underlying technology works on a range of architectures including those common in netbook, notebooks, desktops or whatever you choose to run it on. Hence the need for a separate version for netbooks is removed”.


Did you like the netbook edition or are you happy with the simple PC version of Ubuntu? Do share your thoughts with us.


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