Problems in Airtel Digital TV DTH Service

airtel digital tv.jpgAirtel Digital TV is rapidly achieving sales & will soon become the number one DTH service in India. Being a user of Airtel Digital TV myself, I thought it would be better to share my personal experience and forewarn users about the problems associated with it.

Although the overall service is quite good and the pricing too is quite reasonable as compared to other DTH service providers such as Tata Sky, Big TV, Dish TV etc. , a few shortcomings are present, which I’m sure would be there in almost every other DTH service as well.

Nevertheless, the first thing that pisses me off is the loading time taken by the set top box. It really takes a long time to load and then another few minutes to start displaying the channels. That is serious waste of time & incase the electricity goes off or there is power disruption or even a small voltage fluctuation, the set top box starts again and then there is a huge delay which is due to the time taken by it to load again.

The second drawback is that the Universal Remote which is supposed to work for both the TV & the Set Top Box only works well for the Set Top Box. The regular features of a remote such as changing of channels, volume control etc. are not well handled by it. The volume button on the remote is virtually useless since it works only on a few occasions. I have to use my regular TV remote for such increasing or decreasing the volume.

The third drawback is that the digital tv hangs sometimes. Infact it is a regular problem that when a user presses the channel numbers on the remote, there is an infinite delay in the execution & a huge time lag between the pressing of buttons & the processing done by the digital tv. This one is the most irritating since it happens almost regularly.

The fourth & the last is the frequent disruption of the service incase of heavy rainfall. During rains, most of the times the digital TV ceases to work and there is no reception till the rainfall stops. Although this is not a serious problem as it only happens in rainy season. Actually all DTH services are satellite based & if the weather is bad, obviously the service stops, so this is something that all DTH users will have to learn to deal with.

These were the few limited drawbacks of Airtel Digital TV and incase you are willing to deal with these, then it may be the perfect choice for you. Overall it is quite good and Airtel Digital TV is recommended from my side.


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    This is to inform you that your concern listed 26 Aug. 2010, has been noted and our team is eager to resolve it. In order to get to the
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  2. Adyam Sarmah says:

    after upgrading to hd now the starting and loading time for the set top box increased upto 3 minutes thats a waste of time please fix it

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