How to Reset iPod Touch Password [Tutorial]

So you want to reset your iPod touch password, as you are no longer able to remember the password you had manually set, but are unable to do so since you dont know the steps involved. Well, here is a simple tutorial for you which lets you reset your iPod touch password easily.


Open iTunes and sign in to it. Plug the iPod touch device into your computer. Then, wait for some time until iTunes synchronizes with the iPod touch automatically.

Hold down the menu and Power buttons simultaneously for ten-twelve seconds. A symbol of a disc and a cable will appear on your iPod touch screen, which signifies that the device is in restore mode.


Release both the buttons, and the Restore button will become visitble. After clicking on it, wait for a few seconds until the process is complete. Now from iTunes, copy all your backed-up files back into your iPod.


Tap on “Settings” tab on your iPod touch. Now select “General” and click on “Passcode Lock”. This disables your previously set password and now you can manually set a new password. But be sure to write this one down somewhere so you don’t forget it again !



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