How to make separate RSS feeds for each category in your wordpress blog

As you can see,I blog on multiple topics on a single blog which makes it difficult for me to increase the RSS subscribers count as people who are interested in a particular topic may not be interested in the other topics on my blog.People who subscribed to my feed often backed out in a few days since I blog on a multitude of things.If you are like me,in such a case,what you can do is to provide separate feeds for different categories.Follow these three simple steps to ensure that you don’t lose your RSS subscribers from now on :-

1. Go to the wordpress admin area and click on permanlinks.The default wordpress permalinks look like something like this : of this,this url is not search engine friendly and secondly,it is impossible to create feeds in feedburner with such a url.Change the permalinks to /%category%/%postname%/ to solve this problem.

2. After you’ve changed the permalinks settings,copy the url of the category page(s) on your blog for which you want to create a feed.Enter it into Feedburner with /feed added to the end and click on burn that feed.Do this for every category on your blog.For example,suppose I want to create a feed for posts on blogging and the url is which I entered into Feedburner as

3. Install the Feedburner Feedsmith plugin and activate it.Go the its settings from your dashboard and enter the url of the category feeds that you just created in Feedburner against the relevant blog category and hallelujah,you are done !

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