Should You Buy Stuff from Free Online Classified Sites?

Recently a number of free online classified sites have come up and are going great guns as far as buying and selling stuff is concerned. The categories are almost unlimited, ranging from vehicles to watches to phone accessories. Name it and you’ll get it on these sites.

The best part about online classified sites is that buyers are directly dealing with sellers and hence you can get in touch with the seller directly using the details mentioned on the classified in case you have any queries or questions. Also if you tend to look for second-hand stuff in order to save a few bucks, you can get great deals via these sites since a lot of second-hand material (especially books, mobiles, vehicles etc.) are generally listed on these sites.

However the question is whether these sites are safe from a customer’s point of view. Yes you can get various items at discounted prices but is it safe? Take my word, yes it is, but only if you choose to shop from a reputed classified site that you have heard about before. Though it’s not that the recently opened classified sites are unsafe, but you should generally try to buy from the ones that have been going around for a while since they are the tried and tested ones.

Another suggestion before shopping for anything from these sites is to read the description offered by the seller carefully since a number of times misleading descriptions can lead to great confusion in the end. So it’s always better to make sure the item is the one you are looking for and in case you are not sure about something or if the description doesn’t seem too clear, it’s always best to clear your query by contacting the seller directly so that he can give you all the details you require before purchasing the item.


  1. Hi Harshit
    I do agree it is much better is shop for reputed online classified, but I don’t think quality of the material is the factor for that .
    reputed classifieds are most likely to display ads of trusted sellers, they try to avoid ads posted by scammers,

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