7 Tips to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

Apart from BSNL broadband, all other internet services including the over hyped wireless internet services like Bsnl Evdo, Reliance Netconnect & Tata Photon Plus are not up to the mark and make browsing a horrible experience. So here are some tips to speed up your internet connection.

1. Turn off Javascript, Flash Plug-in & Java Applets in your browser by unchecking these options in Internet Settings.

2. Get a faster & better browser. According to Google, Google Chrome is the fastest browser around and many internet users have experienced the same, including me. So go for Google Chrome or Opera Turbo instead of Internet Explorer.

3. Try to access the Internet during the morning & late night, when the number of users using the internet are very few & thus you can get the maximum speeds.

4. Bookmark your favourite websites & web pages on your browser so that they take lesser time to load when you try to open them the next time.

5. Increase your browser’s cache size so that the designs & graphics of a website get stored in it and the website opens up quickly when you revisit it in the future.

6. Try to access the mobile version of certain websites like Twitter, Google News etc. since they are light weight and load up much faster as they have been optimized for mobile phone users.

7. Change the DNS server of your ISP to OpenDNS. Sometimes a slow DNS server causes your Internet speeds to dip and changing to OpenDNS helps solve this problem by resolving website Url’s to IP addresses faster.


  1. Great post mate :) i want to use an usb stick for accessing internet on the go. what will you recommend?

    • Hi Ashish,
      Thanks. I’m glad you liked it. I would recommend Tata Photon Plus, but first check whether Tata’s network is fine in your area. Otherwise go for Reliance Netconnect Broadband Plus. If you could wait for a few days, why not go for 3G instead.

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