The appeal of gaming apps

Gaming apps have had a spike in popularity over the last five years, that has a lot to do with their being more readily available on our phones. Ten years ago, we only played the apps that were already installed on our phones (who remembers snake?), and we wouldn’t look for more.

Nowadays, games developers can’t get enough of making them. And we can’t get enough of downloading them. Even if we get bored and uninstall it, we simply move on to the next in the app store. What is it about gaming apps, and playing internet games like those on that have us hooked? Can we remember life before their ready availability?


Angry Birds and Draw Something are extremely popular. Why? They are simple to play. Angry Birds may incorporate physics, but it doesn’t feel scientific. You just drag the sling shot out at the angle of choice, and hurl that bird at the hazardous structures. You either kill all the pigs, or you don’t. Simple games last in our memories.


The list of games you can choose from in the app store grows every day. Okay so maybe a ton of them are a variation of games that are already popular, i.e the Tetris copycats, but they have their own appeal. If you get bored of one game, you can search and find another to spend your time on.

Take them anywhere

The beauty of the mobile phone, is its portability. They are small enough to be transported anywhere at any time, and it isn’t a burden like a laptop, because it’s extremely light. So whether you’re in the car, on the train, waiting on a dentist appointment, or lazing around at home, you can whip your phone out and instantly play a game.


Games apps will generally have many levels to complete, but the levels themselves do not tend to take long to go through. So you can be done with the game in five minutes or an hour, dependent on your mood.

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