The Conference Call : Branching From Business Use To Personal Use

Conference Call ServicesThe famed “conference call” has long been reputed as a business tool; however, it is no longer a valuable asset to only businesses. Since it has been widely accepted and used, it has made its way into the social and personal realms; it is now widely used by millions of people across the world to connect with family and friends. It is still a highly prized commodity in the business world, so it is easy to find a service provider who can meet your needs; especially if you use conference calling for both business and pleasure.

Conference Calling Service Providers

With the abundance of this handy communication feature, several service providers have become successful and well trusted. When searching for a provider, you should ensure that their service quality is high, and their rates are competitive. Some providers require that you download their software, so they may not be a good option if you cycle between different computers. When you are on the hunt for a conference call service, you can use sites such as to compare provider rates. With the sheer amount of service providers out there, it could become a burden to compare even a small fraction of them by yourself.

Service providers tend to cater to both communities: businesses users, and personal users. Many strive to be versatile between the two, which can be particularly useful for individuals who need a provider for both professional and personal use. Programs such as Skype are geared more towards personal use and entertainment, but in recent times Skype began catering to the business oriented audience as well. By offering useful features to both audience types, conference calling providers can increase their customer base.

What Can You Use Conference Calling Services For?

There are several different situations that you might find conference calling useful for in your personal and family life. First of all, you must remember that video conference calls are available as well; not only voice calls. Therefore, you can combine video and voice, making it seem as though the person is in the room with you.

    • If you have important news to share, a conference call can help you to connect with several people at one time; this way, you can discuss the news with everyone at once, rather than repeating it several times.
    • For the families of deployed soldiers, video calls offer a way to keep the family close to one another. Soldiers can communicate with their children and watch them grow during long periods of deployment.
    • When a student first heads off to college, they can quickly become homesick. Conference calls can allow them to keep in touch with family members simultaneously, while watching them through video.
  • If you are planning to arrange an event or surprise party, a conference call among all participants is the way to go. During preparation, it’s unlikely that everyone can take time out of their busy day to sit down for a meeting. A conference call can allow everyone to stay on the move, while discussing important reminders, tips, or plans.

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