This Blog is Finally PR2

After working hard online for more than a year and spending umpteenth number of hours on the internet, researching and writing quality tech articles for my readers, I’ve finally been rewarded with a page rank of 2 for this blog.

Until now was PR 0, and i guess it could have been because I hardly built any backlinks in the year that went by. Okay all said and done, I’m quite happy at at least seeing a page rank being assigned to this blog and as they say hard work never goes waste.


I will be working with more vigour from now on and will strive to write great content for my readers to enjoy. As you can see I’ve put up a subscription box in the sidebar and below the posts, which you can subscribe to and receive periodic (weekly) technology related updates from me, directly to your inbox.


If you’d like to give a suggestion or any kind of feedback, feel free to do so via the comment form below.



  1. congratualtions buddy!

  2. Well congrats for PR2

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