Top 5 Best iPad Games 2011

More and more people are being drawn towards a plethora of captivating iPad games. And why shouldn’t they be? With such wonderful graphics & innovative gameplay, choosing the top 5 among so many enchanting ones became quite difficult for me. Here’s the list of the 5 best iPad Games of 2011, based on their popularity & gameplay experience.


1. Angry Birds Rio HD – Although the original version of Andry Birds was like by one and all, and gained unparalled acclaim, the RIO version has a HD component to it, with new characters, better backgrounds and around 60 levels.

2. Back to the Future – The game does full justice to the popular Back to the Future series. Each of the five games of the series are equally thrilling.

3. MONOPOLY – A classic game based on the age-old game business board game, Monopoly. The World Edition, which has been recently released allows users to buy entire cities – Montreal, Paris and Beijing.

4. Dead Space HD – Another popular iPad game which has been revamped by the HD version. Features updated graphics and an extremely immersive gameplay. See whether you can survive all-out rush of Necromorphs.

5. Burn The Rope HD – An addictive game, with the latest version featuring 112 thrilling levels and the latest PUZZLE OF THE DAY feature.

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