Top 5 Best iPhone Games 2011

With newer games being launched for iOS devices every day, choosing the ones ones to buy becomes a time-consuming and highly annoying task. We make it a little simpler for you by giving you the list of the top 5 best iPhone Games in 2011:


5 Best iPhone Games 2011


1. Angry Birds
– You just can’t keep this one away. Having dominated iPad so far, it’s iPhone version is highly popular as well, with more than 10 million downloads so far!


2. Real Racing – While it’s iPad counterpart may not be that popular as yet, the iPhone version is a raging hit. The best game in the iPhone racing segment by far, it comes with scintillating gameplay and brilliant graphics.


3. Burger Queen – An extremely addictive game with cartoon-based graphics, 73 game levels, 5 episodes and 7 challenge modes exit. Once you start playing, it becomes difficult to stop playing!


4. Zombie Gunship – The star of 2011, moving to the top of the list quickly. Users get to fly a heavily-armed AC-130 ground attack aircraft to slay zombies and protect the survivors. With 3D night vision display and authentic weapons, it is a must buy for action-based games lovers.


5. Tiny Wings – Another action packed arcade game that puts users in control of a bird that has to reach its destination before the sun sets. Make use of the beautiful hills as jumps and move as fast as you can!



  1. K Frapper says:

    Gravity Chain is definitely my favourite for 2011.

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