Top 5 Best iPod Touch Games 2011

There is an evergrowing number of games being released on iPod touch, and choosing the best ones from them is a tedious & well, time-consuming task. Here we review some of the top finest iPod touch games that have been entertaining users from around the world.


Best iPod Touch Games 2011:


1. Angry Birds Rio – How can we talk about gaming in Apple devices and forget about the most popular game ever! Angry Birds Rio promised so much prior to launch, and has delivered awfully well!


2. Paper Glider Bomber – A highly engaging game for the iOS, requiring players to bomb building using paper glider planes to crash them. Features a host of innovative weapons such as missile, cluster bomb, A-Bomb etc.


3. Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles – Another immersive game based on the popular Assassin’s creed gaming series. A fun and addictive game with many fighting techniques and a lot more weapons than the previous versions.


4. Dungeon Hunter – With more than 9800 reviews and a 4 star overall rating, the game lets users step into a dark fantasy world and fight the evil queen in a bid to dispel the darkness in their realm. Now with loads of weapons, items and armors to alter the abilities of your character.


5. Tap Zoo – A fantastic game if you have interest in the simulation and tycoon game genre. Lets players create their own zoo and buy more than 50 animals, along with customizing their zoo the want they want, with stores, restaurants and attractions. A highly addictive game.


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