Top 7 Android Apps to Manage Your Finances

Life has turned out to be so hectic and busy that no one has time for themselves. In spite of slogging for hours together there are many other important things that have been left out. One among such responsibilities is to manage your finances. Android phones have made this task easy for you. There are several applications that help you to manage your expenses and plan your budget wisely.

Some of the popular applications are:

  1. Page Once: This app helps you track your bills. You can manage your amount through your mobile with the help of this app. Here, you can monitor your bank accounts as well as manage your investments. Your web account and login address is all what you need to enter. It gives you a flexible option where you can make your payments right from your mobile.

  2. Mint: This is one of the widely used finance management applications. You can track the status of your retirement funds as well as your income and expenditures; it will automatically updates bills to your account.

  3. Payday Loans: You can apply for a payday loan right from your mobile at any time, all-round the clock. These are short-term unsecured loans; they neither involve heavy documentation nor lengthy procedures. The loan is approved without much hassle and the cash is deposited in your account mostly within 24 hours. Hence payday loans are also known as instant cash loans. You can repay the amount on your next payday.

  4. TaxCaster by Turbo Tax: This application does all the financial calculations for you depending on the data entered and alerts you about the amount to be paid. Hence you can start planning for your adjustments easily.

  5. Expense Manager: This is a simple app which helps you to maintain your monthly income. You can customise this app for your expenses per month and append the remaining when occurred, that is, whenever there is an extra expenditure apart from your monthly routine, you can update it immediately.

  6. Google Finance: This app keeps you updated about the stock exchange fluctuations from time to time. You can monitor your stocks through this application as it is quick fast and efficient. You can sync Google finance with your android finance portfolio, by doing so Google updates you with all the information regarding your finances.

  7. Easy Money: This app is a combination of several simple finance features.
    It enables you to categorize your transactions, add expenses and income. It comes with an in-built bill payment reminder that reminds you the dates of your bill payments, so that you do not forget the due date for any of your payments because of your hectic schedule.

These applications are replacements to your budget books. Utilising them will help you to manage your finances in a better way.


  1. Thanks for sharing these top 7 valuable android apps. Hope these apps will help for android users.

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