Upcoming HTC Smartphones in Q3 2011

This quarter witnessed the launch of two new Facebook smartphones by HTC, both of which have become fairly successful within a few days of them being launched. If you are a fan of HTC or smartphones in general, there is something for you to cheer about. HTC is planning to unveil six (or probably a couple more) new smartphones in the coming quarter, that is, Q3 of 2011.


HTC has enjoyed overwhelming success in the last couple of years and having sold close to 12.1 million units in the second quarter itself, it is confident of crossing that feat and selling even more units this quarter.


HTC forecast that third quarter revenue would be about NT$137bn ($4.75bn), which would mean a staggering 80% year-on-year growth. Also they predict their shipments to cross the 13.5 million units mark this quarter.


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