Using Technology as a Tool for Advertising

For any business to become successful, it is very important that the information about products and services being offered reach within the knowledge of the targeted audience. Simply producing the high quality items and making them available in the market does not solve the purpose of an industry and neither has it made the people to purchase those products. Advertising the products as well as the services that one has to offer to the consumer plays a significant role in the success of a business since the ancient times. Till the time a common person will not be familiarized with the particular item that is being sold to him, it would not be demanded in the market and hence the production of the same would have no relevance at all.


Transforming the marketing solutions

There are different methods that could be adopted by the business houses to promote their products and services. However, as the people are becoming more technology dependant, the experts have discovered the various ways by adopting which the technology can be used in marketing the business for a person. Some of the technology inspired advertising mediums are:

  • Data Service Advertisements

The most common and indeed the oldest system of advertising the business products and services that has been adopted by the people over the years is the one through television satellites. Various advertisements are created by the experts of the field that lure general public in purchasing the products and services being introduced in the market. Lately, the featuring of celebrities that are followed by the people in the advertising by large companies has made the source more convincing to increase the sales.

  • Mobile Marketing

It is the era of mobile phones. From entertainment to news and social networking to browsing on anything and everything, the tiny sets that fit the palms and pockets of people have become an integral part of their lives. Thus, marketing the products through the perks of mobile phone is one of the most unbeaten methods in the current era. However, it is necessary that one understand the cons and pros of this advertising tool as it could even leave a negative impact on the audience about the company if not used wisely.

  • Social Networking Scalability

Social networking websites like facebook, Skype and yahoo chatting blogs are the most frequently visited web portals on the internet by majority of the people who visit World Wide Web. Thus, using these websites as a platform to advertise one’s business is certainly the most booming method of marketing. These web pages generally have an advertising column which is looked by the users constantly and are hence tempted to visit your company’s website and go through the products and services being offered by you. However, you official website should be tempting and informative enough for the visitors to make their purchases from there.

  • Media Networking

Instead of people following the news and serious media, it is following the people and making every little as well as huge information about the surroundings as well as world available for the general public. Thus, using the news lines as advertising source can prove to be really beneficial for the business houses. However, as an alternative for getting the paid advertisement the business marketing experts should come up with the solutions that gain them the attention of media by itself as the unpaid positive publicity is always more impactful of the audience than the regular paid advertisements.

Sim Fransco, being an individual tech-expert thinks that the blend of advertising and technology has proved to be not only beneficial for the business houses but also for the audience as they get the instant and reliable information about the new products and services. She, just like John Bohan has an idea that can hence making the choice of purchasing can be the most suitable one introduced in the market.

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