Videocon Mobile GPRS/Internet/MMS Settings – VLive & VInternet

Videocon offers two types of internet settings that let you access internet from your mobile, PC and Laptops. The two of them, known as VLive and VInternet have different data plans and are chargeable at different prices depending upon the plan you choose.

The same goes with the GPRS/WAP/MMS settings of both of them. In Vlive, browsing on Vlive Page is FREE although whatever content you download including latest wallpapers, ployphonic ringtones, videos, games, themes and apps would be charged as per the plan. Also browsing to any site webpage other than the Vlive Page would be charged @ 10 paise per 10 kb, which is quite decent.

Although you would have receive the settings to access Internet right after you activate your SIM or change your handset, if for some reason you haven’t received them or have altered them accidentally, you can use the manual GPRS settings. The GPRS/WAP/MMS settings will be the same for all mobiles, including Nokia, Samsung, Micromax, LG Mobiles, iPhone etc., however only a few extra options in connection settings might be present or absent depending on the handset.

Navigate to Settings > Connection in your mobile (may differ from mobile to mobile) and create a new access point. Then enter the following:

Account Name: Videocon GPRS (or any other name you wish)

Data Bearer: Packet data

Username: Leave as it is (None)

Password: Leave as it is (None)

Authentication: Normal

Network Type: IPV4

Access point name: ( for Wap)

Homepage: or (for Wap)


MMS Settings:


Connection Name: Videocon MMS (or any other name you wish)

Data Bearer: Packet data

Username: Blank

Password: Blank

Authentication: Normal

Access Point Name:



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