What Font Does Facebook Use

Facebook addiction has reached a new height. Not only are new netizens siging up for Facebook every minute, a lot of Facebook fans are also searching for Facebook’s font these days. This probably means that people are not only addicted to Facebook, but love its font as well !

Okay so what font does Facebook Use? Searching for the right answer is quite easy. You can open Facebook in Google Chrome browser and right-click anywhere on the website. Select “Inspect Element”. This is an easy way to read the exact stylesheet facebook uses and then find out what fonts are being used in different areas of the website.


Alternatively, you can also go to tools section of your browser and click on “View Source”. Once the page source is in front of you, press “Ctrl+F” and type “font”. You will get access to various fonts used on Facebook.


To make the task easier for you, I’ve already done these steps. Facebook’s logo font is “Klavika” whereas the font family used in the pages of the website is “font-family:”lucida grande”,tahoma,verdana,arial,sans-serif”.


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