What is a Proxy Service?

proxy serverA proxy is designed to protect the identity of the user who is accessing content across a global or private network. A proxy may protect the identity in one or more ways: by hiding the user’s information (IP address and geographical location) altogether, or by “spoofing” it – which means to use false information as a way of throwing any interested trackers off the real trail.

When it comes to implementing a proxy, the most simplest solution is usually a proxy server. A proxy service provider can set you up with one for minimal cost. Proxy servers are physical computers that act as gateways between the user and the internet. The proxy server’s information is what will show up in place of the user’s information. And if several proxy servers are linked together, that means that finding the user’s actual IP address and location will be all that more difficult.

Of course, you should keep in mind that a basic proxy service will only protect your information if you’re accessing websites, and some websites utilize Javascript and other programming languages to detect your actual information. But while proxy services can be circumvented, the more sophisticated services offer multiple layers of security and protection, so while they aren’t impossible to breach, doing so is usually quite difficult.

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