What is Geophysical Resistivity

Geophysical resistivity is new to many individuals. It is the science of examining the earth using resistivity tolerances to determine groundwater, polarization, earth resources, dam and cave exploration, as well as doing archeological surveys. Agiusa, Advanced Geosciences, Inc. sells specialty products such as the following:

SuperSting with Wi-Fi
SuperSting Remote
EarthImager 1D
EarthImager 2D
EarthImager 3D

These products do various jobs remotely without digging to examine the resources of the earth using modern computer technology to search from a vehicle or from a remote location. Information can be e-mailed directly to the office for use in surveys. The instruments can be controlled directly from your computer, Android Device, phone, mini-tablet, or tablet.
You can access full data including case histories in general and specific customer case histories from their website at www.agiusa.com. Full descriptions and technological detail for each of the systems they sell. The website is extremely informative with links to information with regard to

AGI Resistivity Data Processing Service – giving access to information about resistivity modeling and inversion theory.
Electrical Resistivity Imaging Seminars – available in Austin, Texas and Madrid, Spain
Advanced Geosciences Europe, S.L., or AGE – for inquiries from Europe, Africa or the Middle East

Whether you are new to the field of geophysical resistivity or a seasoned veteran, you will find the information on this website at http://www.agiusa.com informative and interesting. They specialize in:

Geotechnical investigations
Construction site investigations
Borehole to borehole and borehole to surface tomography imaging
Fracture and cavity detection in bedrock
Groundwater exploration
Environmental investigation
Investigation of dam leakage
Sand and gravel exploration
Site characterization for development
Site investigation for horizontal drilling
Site investigation for tunneling operation
Marine imaging profiling
Archeological studies

Advanced Geosciences, Inc. provides the instruments and technology for all these processes, but they do not compete with their customers in the field of geophysical resistivity. The information that you entrust to them is kept confidential and used only for the benefit of the particular customer.
Investigate their website and enjoy the rich information it offers.

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