Top 7 reasons why 90% blogs fail

Blogging is an investment that needs time to grow.It requires passion,dedication,hard work and most importantly,lots of patience.The more patience you have,the better it is for you since gaining credibilty and ensuring a heavy traffic every month takes time.Now that you’ve got a basic idea about blogging,let’s take a look at the top 7 reasons why most blogs fail.

1. Lack of quality content – All over the internet,you can find tons of articles that focus on the importance of quality content.Just like a basketball player without talent can’t become a Michael Jordan,a blog without quality content just cannot be successful.90% of bloggers start a blog without even deciding what they are going to blog about.Just to increase the number of posts,they start publishing useless posts which hardly bring in any visitors,leading to a decline in the popularity of their blog, eventually causing its death.

2. Not updating content regularly – This is the most common problem associated with blogging.Most bloggers start off with their blog and either publish just too many articles at once or do not update their content at all.The frequency of posts can be a deciding factor and the difference between failure and success.Publishing a post every day is preferable for the first year of your blog.Once a reader base is established,you can start posting 3-5 articles every week ,just as Darren Rowse of does.

3. High expectations leading to disappointment – Most bloggers have high hopes when they start off and dream of becoming millionaires overnight.They dont realize that it takes 1-2 years to gain credibility and start making any money.When they analyse their progress after some time and find that the results are not as they had expected ,they become disappointed and disinterested,leading to decline in enthusiasm and seriously affecting the quality of their posts.

4. Putting too many ads – While monetizing the blog with some ads at the starting to not let any money making opportunity go by makes sense,over monetizing generally harms readership.It can make readers doubt the credibilty of the blogger and takes the focus off the content.Even if the posts are interesting and contain high quality tips or advice,the bottom line is that readers dont like seeing them crowded with excessive ads.

5. Improper promotion – Promotion is the key to traffic and potential “loyal readers” of a blog.Many bloggers add a lot of posts to their blog but do not back it up with proper promotion.TO bring visitors,it is essential to promote the blog offline and online via various social networking websites but most bloggers fail to do that.In brief,a blog without traffic is like a college without students.In order to entice students to take admission,colleges have to promote themselves heavily and the same has to be done with blogs.

6. Lack of strategy – Blogs without a proper strategy generally do not achieve any major success.While content iswhat drives visitors to a blog,a well planned strategy can go a long way in establishing readership and finding loyal followers for a blog.The majority of bloggers do not have a predefined strategy and lose their way,even after a promising start.

7. Giving up eventually – After doing most of the things correctly and not seeing any results,most bloggers decide to retire from their blogging career.They dont realize that it might take some time for their blog to become popular on the internet as is already crowded with high quality content blogs like “Problogger” and “” .It is important to dig deep,have some patience and keep writing high quality posts with full dedication and the rewards might not be too far.


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