10 reasons why every man should lift weights

Lifting weights has become an integral part of my daily routine.While I am still miles away from being a Ronnie Coleman or an Arnold schwarzenegger,I can already feel the results.It has had a positive impact on my life and probably changed my entire life.Let’s take a look at the reasons why every man should lift weights :-

1. Increase in muscle mass – Lifting weights regularly causes tension in the tissues thereby leading to an increase in the muscle mass.Having more muscle mass is a boon in itself.It keeps weight gain from fat in check and makes you physically stronger.Weight lifting has increased my muscle mass in a relatively short period of time and my body fat percentage has gone down considerably.It might also help you in everyday life as goons and bullies stay away from men who have a large physical built (for college students).

2. Prevents Ageing – Weight lifting delays the natural process of ageing.It keeps tendons and joints strong and helps keep the person fit.It also keeps injuries at bay.People who have been lifting weights for many years have experienced this effect and can probably prove the veracity of this point.

3. Stamina – Weight training can improve the stamina of a person.Muscles that have been conditioned to work under constant stress work longer without getting fatigued and tired.This inevitably leads to increase in the output and efficiency of muscles and of a person as a whole.

4. Quality sleep – After working out and giving it your all,you are more likely to have a nice and sound sleep.Whenever I lift weights,the quality of my sleep increases and I feel rejuvenized and refreshed the next morning.

5. Energy – Weight lifting gives me the energy to perform tasks that otherwise feel too overwhelming or too difficult to perform.Since my mind has been conditioned to give it my all in the gym,performing everyday and routine tasks seems much more simpler and I feel full of energy throughout the day.

6. Improved focus and will power – In my weight lifting journey,I have discovered that working out regularly has improved my focus,concentration and will power.A lot of will power is needed to regularly go to the gym and keep lifting more and more weight,day in and day out.This in turn,helps me apply that will power to other aspects of life as well.You will find that lifting weights will help you improve in various other facets of life too.

7. Decrease in procrastination – When you start lifting weights and develop a regular routine,you lose your ability to procrastinate,which is a huge efficiency sapper.You will no longer need to find excuses for not doing your a task.The energy and the mental toughness,which come from lifting weights will provide you with a much needed boost to go that extra mile and never procrastinate again.

8. Reduced risk of disease – Researchers from various parts of the world have found that weightlifting can lead to a reduced risk of many kinds of diseases,especially chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

9. Stronger bones – It has been found out that weightlifting results in strengthening of bones and can help increase the bone density of a person.It can be the best defence against low bone density problems and osteoporosis.

10. Confident personality – After lifting weights for a few weeks,you will start seeing and feeling the results.This will give a huge boost to your confidence and you will want to lift weights for the rest of your life. There is no greater satisfaction than coming home from the gym after an intense workout and feeling the blood “pump” through your veins.


  1. i like Arnold, no matter what he is talking about, he is showing us the american way of life!

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