10 reasons why you should learn a foreign language

Most people scoff at the idea of learning a second language,without realizing how many benefits they can reap from it.Although it does require a lot of patience,dedication and hard work,believe me,it’s worth it.You are going to thank me for inspiring you to learn a foreign language which could help in ways more than one.

Following are some reasons why you should consider learning a second language :-

1. Work : You may have to deal with foreign clients at your workplace.Speaking or being acquainted with a particular language could help you build long lasting relationships with your clients,which could help you get more business in future.

2. Emigration : Many people move out of their countries and emigrate to places where job prospects and wages are higher.Some companies send their employees to nations such as Germany,Italy etc where they face quite a few difficulties dealing with native people,particularly due to their lack of knowledge of the native language.Learning a foreign language could help you overcome such barriers in communication.

3. Job opportunities : There are some countries where there are a whole lot of job opportunities but people are not able to avail them as they cannot speak the native language of the country.If you want to diverge out and emigrate to places where speaking the native language is essential,for example,Japan,you need to learn that specific language.Your acquaintance with a foreign language could help you get a job in far flung places as well.You could get a job as a translator in the United Nations too.

4. Travel : It is estimated that every year almost 70 million people visit France,the leading travel destination and approximately 40 million visit Italy,the land of the Romans.Although you could get by speaking English in tourist rich areas of such countries,speaking the native language could help you overcome language barriers that most people encounter.Also,you can explore new destinations,recommended to you by native people as people in such areas hardly speak any English.

5. Studying Abroad : Students from various countries go to developed nations such as the US,UK,Australia etc to recieve quality education and pursue professional courses.Knowledge of a foreign language could be the deciding factor in choosing the right country for your higher education needs.

6. Culture : Many people are fascinated and inspired by the culture of other countries and want to soak themselves in their culture.Learning a foreign language helps you understand the culture and get a deeper understanding of the customs and traditions prevailing in the country.

7. Entertainment : May be you enjoy listening to spanish songs or watching italian movies.If that is the case,on learning your favourite language,you may not have to watch the porly dubbed version.The essence of the words usually gets diluted on being dubbed.As Nelson Mendela once said ” If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.
If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart”.

8. Literature : If you are into books and literature,learning a foreign language would increase the amount of books you can enjoy as there are a lot of books in every language that are appreciated all over the world and are worth reading.

9. Life partner : Learning a new language could help you find a potential future husband/wife.Who knows you might visit Spain alone and come back to your country with a spanish girl !

10. Personal value : By being able to speak,read and understand a second/foreign language,you increase your personal value in the meantime.People will appreciate your ability and the amount of hard work you have put in and it’ll all be worth the effort since you have increased your value in the market.

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