Windows 8 Release Date Expected to be Autumn 2012

The release date of Windows 8 operating system, which is eagerly anticipated by all Windows users and lovers from around the world, is expected to be somewhere around Autumn 2012, which is still quite a long way away.


While the supposedly true date isn’t confirmed yet, it had been hinted at by Microsoft corporate vice president Dan’l Lewin during a launch event earlier this year in June at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley resort. Here is what he had to say about the release date of Windows 8 OS:


“We will be in market – if you look at the crystal ball and just say what happened in the past is a reasonable indicator of what our forward looking timelines will be and just speculate – we’ve made the point about having a developer conference later this year, and then typically we enter a beta phase, and then in 12 months we’re in the market, so let’s make that assumption,” he said.


Let’s just wait for the official confirmation from Microsoft before believing any of these rumours. Till then, let’s enjoy the Windows 7 OS and make full use of it (while it lasts) !


When, according to you, will Windows 8 be released? Do share your thoughts with us.


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