ZEN Mobile Prices in India

Here’s a price list of the latest prices of ZEN Mobile Phones in India.

zen-phone-logo.jpgZEN Mobile Prices in India

Zen X450 – Rs.3,000
Zen C440 CDMA – Rs.2,175
Zen M26 Rs.2,599
Zen M11 – Rs.3,950
Zen Z77 – Rs.2,550
Zen M30 Touch Screen – Rs.3,599
Zen M20 – Rs.3,100
Zen X390 – Rs.2,300
Zen X220 – Rs.2,550
Zen Z66 – Rs.2,975
Zen M40 – Rs.3,550
Zen X410 – Rs.1,975
Zen S15 – Rs.3,450
Zen M25 – Rs.2,800
Zen S10 – Rs.4,550
Zen X380 – Rs.1,299
Zen Z90 – Rs.4,440
Zen X430 – Rs.2,870
Zen Z82 TV – Rs.4,699
Zen X381 – Rs.2,250
Zen X391 – Rs.1,475
Zen C380 CDMA – Rs.1,225
Zen X405 – Rs.2,600
Zen S30 3D – Rs.4,399
Zen M22 – Rs.4,220
Zen M33 – Rs.4,300
Zen X400 – Rs.2,350
Zen X440 – Rs.1,999
Zen M15 – Rs.3,450
Zen CG555 – Rs.3,750

Note : The prices are subject to changes and may vary from city to city.

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